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   Since you can't purchase Amazing Rubber Band Cars for the Kindle (yet), why would anyone be interested? 

   With the Kindle, you can send and receive email or surf the web, wirelessly, for free.  That's right, no wi fi or computer is necessary.  Free wireless internet connectivity is included with the Kindle (now the price looks like a bargain)! You can ask questions with "Kindle NowNow" and receive a good human moderated response (up to three responses) in less than ten minutes--also free of charge.

     It's black and white, not too fast, and doesn't respond to Java applets or other fancy stuff--but it does a great basic job.  To send or receive email, first you must set up an email account with Google

Here's the instructions to send and receive email with your Kindle, after setting up your Google mail account:

At the "menu" position, push the wheel.


Select "experimental" and push the wheel.


Select "Basic Web" and push the wheel


Go to the top "Enter URL" and push the wheel.


Type in "" then go to "submit" and press the wheel.


Go to the line with "compose mail" and press the wheel.


Select "Compose mail" and press the wheel.


Put the cursor by the "To" box and press the wheel.


Select "<Text area>" and press the wheel.


Enter the email address you are sending to, put the cursor by "Done" and push the wheel.


Repeat the last three steps for subject  and message, then move the cursor to the "Send" line and press the wheel.


Choose "Send" and press the wheel.



You will receive a "Your Kindle is unable to access the website . . " message.  Ignore it, the message was sent.


To receive mail

At the sixth photo above, move the cursor to the right of the message you wish to read. Push the wheel.



Select "<Active link>" and push the wheel.





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